Becoming A Supplier

There’s more to becoming a Supersaver supplier than just filling out an application. Get to know us first.

As a potential supplier, one of the most important things you can do is get to know how Supersaver works. Whether you’re brand new to our stores or you’ve known us for years, here are a few ways to understand how we help our customers and members save money and live better – while consistently maintaining our commitment to quality.

  • Visit a Supersaver Store

Get a sense of who we are, in our stores. Visiting a store also gives you a better understanding of what they’re like. If you’re especially interested in becoming a local supplier, information about your local stores can be invaluable. Find a Supersaver store.

  • Compare your product or service to existing ones.

Look at the types of products and services we sell and use. Does what you have to offer seem like a good fit? Would your product be appropriate on Supersaver shelves? Is your product or service the most innovative, best quality and at the lowest price?

  • Make sure you understand our shoppers’ needs.

When we choose new items to stock, we select products customers want. How would your product improve our customers’ lives? . Know how large your capacity is before supplying.

Supplier Requirements

All Supersaver suppliers  including all subcontracting and packaging facilities, will be held to these standards. Please be aware that there could be more requirements in addition to this list, depending on the type of product or service you’re providing.

Standards and General Requirements

Supersaver Prohibited Items
Products that are prohibited from being sold in supersaver include, but are not limited to:

  • Offensive products (explicit, obscene, derogatory, etc.)
  • Restricted products (adult-oriented, gambling, government-issued, military/police related, etc.)

Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
Supersaver requires this number on all Nigerian based suppliers’ application documents.


Registered Business  -> Under Corporate Affairs Commission

– Vat Registration

– NAFDAC Approved

– All products must be scannable

Once you are ready, click the button below to book a day for us to review your application


Insurance Requirements

Suppliers of product to any of Walmart’s family of retail platforms are required to demonstrate financial responsibility.

As part of this obligation, Walmart requires all approved product suppliers to carry certain types of insurance. This insurance is intended to address legal costs and other liabilities that could result from claims or legal action related to your product. Additional details can be found in the Insurance Requirements for Suppliers document.

As a supplier, you will be required to provide evidence of this financial responsibility and to maintain compliance with these requirements at all times.